Finca La Moncloa



Since mid-twentieth century the Finca La Moncloa, in Toledo, beetwen the vilillages of Mora and Mascaraque, it becames property of García-Quirós Family. There was already some fields plantation of olive trees, basically from Cornicabra variety. From that time until today, starts an ambitious proyect, where successive plantings are made of varities; Arbequina, Picual y Cornicabra. 

Finca La Moncloa was ever vinculated to the olive oil production. In their fields there are trees with more than 60 years old, adding new plantations with moderns planting frames from different varieties, to get a total amount of 300 HA of plantation. 

"All the olives from the differents plantation of the

Finca La Moncloa are produced in the Mill"

"The result is a product of the highest quality" 



The olive harvest is done using the most modern mechanical procedures, which ensure minimal impact on the state of the fruit and the maximum speed of harvesting the fruit to prevent spoilage between harvesting and processing factory.

Our harvesting is characterized by picking the fruit when their  maturation is optimal in order to obtain high quality oils with very accented aromas.



The reception of the olives at the mill is done by appointment, in this way all the olives are check in time, which allows us to classify varieties and qualities for each of theitems received.

All the olives produced at the mill are received independently of the other items of olive. These external items come from olive groves supervised and controlled by thetechnical director of our fields, which guarantees its quality.



With a daily cleaning of the milling machinery and with an approximate time between harvesting and processing the fruit of five hours, we ensure that the natural state of the olive is virtually unchanged. So that our master mill, which is member of the tasting panel of the DO Montes de Toledo, following the highest quality standards applicable to olive milling under conditions of cold-pressed and times of optimal beaten taking into account the situation of each item and olive variety.


Since our begginins  we have believed in the need for sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment.
Our planting is largely,  certified as organic production by Sohiscert organic certifier. (