All the olives which comes from the different olives groves of the Estate are developed in our milll. It was build in 2.000, from there we control all milling procces. 

From the plantation of every olive tree, throughout the campaign and until the olive harvest at the end of the month of October, we control evey single  plantation.

Both conventional production and organic production, which is certified by Sohiscert, in the plantation  are three olive varieties: Arbequina, Picual and Cornicabra, this one is certified under the Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo.


In our constant search for offering our customers a product of the highest quality, our products are certified by the International Association QV Extra. This non-profit association certifies that producers with this label meet the strictest quality parameter in the market.


This has led us to be recognized in the sector, on several occasions between the best oils in the world, both nationally and internationally.


Rufino García-Quirós

General Manager

who, whit his family, has led the project inicitated his father D. Felipe Garía-Quirós Sanchez-Rubio. His managing and vision has made possible that Oleo Quirós becames possible and  has positioned itself as a benchmark in the sector.



Ángel Miguel Gutierrez 

Agricultural engineer and manager of the plantation,

who since our beginnins manage all the different fields. He is who attend the necesities of our trees, ensurance the best care and so the quality of the fruit, which we later develope into olive oil. 

Fernando Villamuelas


is the manager to produce the olive oil and also to elaborate the different coupages which we work with; Contentional, Great Selection and Organic one. 

Jesús Sánchez-Guerra

Manager of the Mill;

managing the storehouse, trazability, managing of the bottling and shipping, and also meitculous supervision of all the methos and quality control, makes his role a fundamental work for the develope and weel function of the company.

Eliseo Población

Manager at Mk & Sales department.

He manage the national and international market research. His experience and knowlege of the sector, and also a continuous comunication with the costumers, makes, along with the Oleo Quirós portfolio warraty of succes. 

David Cano

He has a doble function in the company at the botling & packaging and also the logistic department.

He manage the develope the orders, since the bottling to the final delivery. This function is complement with the perfect local delivery service door to door, when , in which also the close relationship with customers is the protagonist, adapting to their needs.

Lidia Herrera

She is the bottling & packaging department,

his function is to prepare the orders in puntual and diligently way, its a basic factor tacking into account that all our orders are bottling in time them ar make, to allows the higest quality. 

"Taking care for all details is our Waranty of Succes".


Each of the three varieties of olives we farm has a different maturation time. Through the mill is controlled that the fruit is collected in its optimum condition for obtaining
an olive oil of superior quality.